Katori Kenjutsu seminars Sensei and Foreign Monjin in Vietnam

 To join our annual December kenjutsu seminar please contact us here, use the form and mention “Seminar”

We also have opportunities for monjin from abroad to stay with us for a few weeks or months and train with us. Please feel free to contact us through the link above.

Katori Kenjutsu seminars

The poster for the 2016 seminar in Hochiminh City

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Training Benefits

One of the benefits is the intensity of the training and the duration of the seminar brings a new experience to many of us. Close to exhaustion we achieve a state where the mind has to drive the body on, push it to continue. Although exhausted and maybe a little broken here and there, we persevere. If we push ourselves with our spirit, we reach a state where the body slowly takes over again from the spirit (although they are never separated). Many of us have experienced this: how the body finds the most economic and energy-efficient way to move in the kata. All our teachers tell us to relax and let the sword do the work for us. It is only when we reach a certain level or a certain level of exhaustion that we “get it” that we are able to implement this advice. Sadly it is a furtive feeling and we loose it as soon as we try to hold on to it. But this kind of training under sensei’s guidance will help us find a proper way of moving.

Katori Kenjutsu seminars

Another benefit is that technically all monjin widen and deepen their knowledge. This happens for two reasons among others:

1 Otake Risuke sensei says that in order to further develop technically and otherwise it is necessary to train with as many different people as possible. By sharing knowledge we receive knowledge. This is important. It also teaches us to adapt, adjust and become supple in the application of the techniques within the kata. If we only train within one group or two groups we will develop habits based on the standard way those two groups train. Habits will be dangerous if you meet someone who does not comply to the standards we are used to. You cannot say to an opponent: “but that is not how we train in place X”, while you bleed to death. By training with many different people the body and mind is able to adjust in a most flexible way and apply the principles of the art in any situation.

2 Otake Nobutoshi is extremely helpful during the seminars. He will take time to personally work with you until your body understands what is expected of you. This is something very precious and cannot be achieved when in other situations where the groups are too big for example.

Nobutoshi Sensei seminr 03 2013 1For students from Vietnam it is an opportunity to improve their organizational skills and experience. They now have to act as official hosts to the guests from abroad. It is during such events that the values and martial mores instilled during training can be clearly seen in the students. In addition Shobukan dojo and its students are further enriched with friends from all over the globe who all speak the same language: Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō-ryū.

Not all monjin in Vietnam are financially capable of travelling to Japan or abroad to other countries to join Katori kenjutsu seminars. With the seminars we attempt to “bring Japan to Vietnam”. Those are some of the reasons we organise international seminars twice every year. We invite our Japanese teachers to Vietnam.

International guest from all over the world

Our kenjutsu seminars cater to local and international practitioners from Singapore, Russia, Australia, Belgium, Canada among others. Since our establishment we have organized eight international seminars with Otake Nobutoshi sensei and Yamada Hironobu sensei. Katori kenjutsu seminars in Vietnam last about five days with six to nine hours of training per day. We keep the number of guests low on purpose. This way we are able to guarantee that all people present will have personal time with sensei.

Demonstration for the Vietnamese Government and Japanese Consulate General and other consulates

During the week of the seminar we organize a special demonstration. We present the art to the Japanese consulate in Hochiminh City. All consulates of the guests from different countries attend. The Hochiminh Vietnam-Japan Friendship Organization has recognized Shobukan as an official branch since 2013 and supports us with the event. With Otake Nobutoshi’s support we further introduce this intangible cultural asset to a wider audience in Vietnam.

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

Japanese General Consul, Mr. Nakajima Satoshi performs tameshigiri

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

December 2014 group picture at the martial arts festival with Nobutoshi Otake of Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō-ryū, Vietnam

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

Sensei takes time to wear yoroi and teach us how to move in armor

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

Sensei explains many of the finer details of the ryu during the seminars

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam Pascal Krieger

Our seminars are headed by various sensei, here Pascal Krieger Sensei and Katori Teruo Sensei

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam Yamada Hironobu sensei

Yamada Hironobu Sensei

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam Otake Nobutoshi sensei

Otake Sensei explains the history and the design behind the yoroi

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

Training starts at sunrise with Nobutoshi Otake Shihan in Vietnam

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

and continues until deep into the night

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

December 2014 Nobutoshi Otake shihan Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō-ryū Seminar Vietnam

Katori Kenjutsu seminars Shobukan Vietnam

This is what all of us really look like after a seminar


Firstly, we have say thank You VERY much for Your seminar! I repeat – huge thanks!!! Organization was ideal, hotel is comfortable, people are very friendly, food was very tasty, souvenirs are very exotic, massage was very pleasant, party was perfect, women are beautiful and always smiling, training was very useful and, of course, Sensei was absolutely wonderful! We like You, Your Dojo and Your life style! Please, take our congratulations in connection with Your Great Event! We are going to take part in Your next seminars, and hope that You will come to visit as soon!

Welcome to Riga!

Best regards, Denis Ugriumov

Denis Ugriumov

Yamamichi Martial Arts Club – Riga, Latvia

Thank you all for the great time and for new knowledge and practice!

Special thanks Otake Nobutoshi Sensei for his patience and knowledge that he gave us. All told them once again made a wish with renewed energy to continue training.

Thanks to my Sensei Vladimir, open for me the knowledge and wonderful country – Vietnam.

Special thanks Malte for the excellent organization of the seminar, friendliness and openness. Thank you to everyone with whom I got to train, you taught me a lot. Thank you all and see you soon.

Aleksey Dankov, Russian Monjin

It was really great experience! Katori Shintō-ryū 香取神道流 – Vietnam ベトナム Thank you for the possibility to be participant of this event!

Yury Sergeev, Russian Monjin

Nog eens bedankt aan jou en je team voor een geweldige organisatie. Het was weeral de moeite.


Thanks again to you and your team for a great seminar. It was well worth joining!

Joris De Leebeeck, Belgium Monjin