Monjin of Shobukan Vietnam Dojo Acces Only

Dear student,

The fact that you can read this means that you have received access to this part of our website. Otake Risuke shihan has indicated that the information here is not meant for the wider public. The information includes Media footage, articles and pictures. This information is for you to widen and deepen your studies into the Martial Tradition. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the material.

Shidosha Vietnam

Rules of this part of the website

Do not share or reproduce anything from this site including the password with anyone even within the dojo or your family.

This part is password  protected and the password will be changed monthly and you will receive a new password when you come and train at the dojo.

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Limited Posts

Limited Posts for Shobukan monjin only

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Limited Videos

Limited Videos for Shobukan monjin only

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