Kenjutsu Training | Why Join Katori Shinto Ryu?

Kenjutsu Training | Why Join Katori Shinto Ryu?

Kenjutsu Katori Shinto Ryu (“the sword style of the Katori Deity”) is a style of Japanese combat swordsmanship. It was founded in a period between 1336-1573 and includes empty hand, long sword, short sword, staff, spear and glaive techniques.

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Physical and mental training with new friends

Morality in Kenjutsu Training

Our founder Izasa Ienao emphasized that: “Victory through combat is no real victory. True victory is gained by achieving one’s aim without reliance on weapons or recourse to violence. This path leads to real peace. Indeed, this path embodies the way of peace”.

A Martial Art for Everyone

Kenjutsu training is not only useful in self-defense but also is very good for your health.

For children, Kenjutsu training builds character, discipline, concentration, confidence, self-esteem and respect for others. There are no special classes for children so children train with adults of all nationalities. This greatly enhances their self confidence. In addition, kenjutsu training like other sports strengthens their health and physical skills such as balance. Exercise gives them a good appetite and helps them sleep better. Apart from character building and physical benefits it trains them to recognize aggression or unsafe situations and how to deal with such situations safely.

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Children develop self confidence and a healthy body

For women, training this martial tradition results in a fit, strong and slender body. Kenjutsu training does not focus on building big muscles. It focuses on developing your balance and speed. It strengthens your back, abdominal and your leg muscles without becoming overly ‘big’. During kenjutsu training students do not touch each other like with Judo. It helps to protect you while learning more about Japanese culture and history as well.

Kenjutsu training develops a focused and peaceful mind

Kenjutsu training develops a focused and peaceful mind

For professionals, who have to sit in offices for many hours every day, kenjutsu training helps. It improves the strength and flexibility of your legs, abdominal area and back. Training these areas will result in less health-related problems. Kenjutsu training is also beneficial for your concentration. It contains great knowledge and its strategic principles can be used in work and everyday situations.

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Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu has a wide range of weapons systems

A Useful Martial Art

Developed and perfected during Japan’s Warring States Period, Kenjutsu training was created to prepare samurai for fighting on the battlefield. To survive on the battlefield, a samurai needed to be able to use not only the sword well. In addition he also had to use other related battlefield weapons. This style trains people to become a ‘complete warrior’ or master-at-arms, one who is adept at a variety of weapons. Weapons studied in this style include: sword, wooden staff, naginata, short swords, and spear.

Kenjutsu training in Katori Shinto Ryu is instructed by the only official Shidosha of Katori Shinto Ryu in Vietnam, directly assigned by Master Risuke Otake in Japan.