Kenjutsu Practice Leads to Two Governmental Commendations

Kenjutsu Practice Leads to Two Governmental Commendations

Kenjutsu Practice strengthens relations between Vietnam and Japan

Otake Nobutoshi Sensei receives a commendation

Kenjutsu practice leads to stronger relations between Vietnam and Japan. The interaction of people from different nationalities during kenjutsu practice has led to better relations between the people of two countries. In November 2017 the Vietnamese Government presented Shobukan dojo and Otake Nobutoshi Sensei with two commendations. Both government officials, Mr. Nguyen Cong Tanh, Chairman of the Vietnam Japan Friendship Association and Ms Phan Thi Minh Nguyet, Deputy Head International Relations Department presented the plaques.

Otake Nobutoshi Sensei speeches at the Celebration of 40 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan

They have supported and cooperated with Shobukan Dojo since its establishment in 2012. The plaques state the contribution Shobukan Dojo and Otake Nobutoshi. Both helped build positive relations between Vietnamese and Japanese citizens. During his visits to the country Nobutoshi Sensei shares Japanese history, culture and values with the Vietnamese people. These values as found in the tradition of Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō-ryū especially seem to strike a chord.

Kenjutsu and the debt to our parents

Both Otake Risuke and Otake Nobutoshi teach the need to show gratitude to our parents. In earlier publications and in his last publication Otake Risuke has presented his thoughts on filial duties of offspring. He writes about the debt children have towards their parents. He explains the sacrifices parents make for their children. In Japan people tend to say: “By the time you decide to be a good son, your parents are already gone.” Do not wait to repay your debt to your parents. Start now with small gestures that you can afford today.

kenjutsu practice Vietnam Otake Nobutoshi Sensei

From left to right, the Consul general’s wife, Vice president of the Friendship Organizations Mr. Huynh Minh Thien, Consul general Nakajima Satoshi and Nobutoshi Sensei

For years Otake Nobutoshi has been coming to Vietnam and has introduced Japanese knowledge through demonstrations, presentations, speeches, seminars and martial arts classes. He has closely cooperated with the Hochiminh Friendship Associations during his visits to Vietnam. In 2012 the Vietnam Japan Friendship Association of Hochiminh invited Shobukan dojo to become an official branch of the Vietnam Japan Friendship Association.

Otake Nobutoshi sensei and Malte Stokhof sensei having a speech of "kata" and its application on Japanese armors

Otake Nobutoshi sensei and Malte Stokhof at the one of the events organized by the HUFO to further promote relations between Vietnam and Japan

As an official branch, Shobukan dojo has joined annual activities organized by the Japanese diplomatic mission and the Vietnamese Government. During such events the Shobukan dojo and Otake Nobutoshi interacted with local officials.  He met business people, academics and Vietnamese citizens both young and old. Otake Nobutoshi would introduce Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō-ryū and its values. This tradition has been awarded the status of Intangible Cultural Asset of Chiba Prefecture. This was a decision made by the Chiba Prefecture Office of Education, Department for the Promotion of Education, Section for Cultural Assets.