Katori Bojutsu Suburi 2016

Katori Bojutsu Suburi 2016

Katori bojutsu Misogi: Two thousand sixteen or more hits for the new year

Katori bojutsu: every year Shobukan Vietnam holds a new years training. This time we practiced bo suburi. The main purpose of the new years training is to symbolically clean the dojo and its practitioners and to set new goals for the new year. All of us took a bo and made proper, big and precise controlled hits. If someone became sloppy we did push ups.

Katori bojutsu training on the First Training Day of 2016 2

bo suburi heaven!

Only people whose hands became too bloody to continue were allowed to change their bo for a bokuto. They continued their training doing maki-uchi. All of us finished the katori bojutsu session of 2016 hits in less than an hour. Especially young students who did not join this kind training before felt relieved at their accomplishment. This kind of misogi we hope leads to a pure spirit. After the physical part of the misogi, the dojo members get together and toast sake to our founder, to our shihan and our sensei.

Katori bojutsu training on the First Training Day of 2016 3 shobukan Vietnam

Otake Nobutoshi sensei, thank you for the bottles of sake!

This year Otake Nobutoshi presented our dojo with two bottles of great sake to celebrate the new year. We remember and discuss the history of this martial tradition. We feel grateful for those who have gone before us and paved the way.

We contemplate Otake Risuke’s words on self sacrifice. “When I use words such as “The spirit of self-sacrifice,” some may immediately think back to a time in Japan’s past when militarism was at its zenith. However, this is not what I mean. The true spirit of self-sacrifice is very much alive within our peaceful everyday lives. In community life, for example, taking it upon one self in the spirit of service to perform foul of back-breaking labor that others despite is self sacrifice. Treating everyone gently and helping those in need with loving-kindness is another example. Working for the common good even at a cost to one’s own fortunes, exemplifies the true spirit of self-sacrifice. Be aware just waiting for other people to act, can never produce a society worth living it.”

Katori bojutsu training on the First Training Day of 2016 1

A moment to reflect on Otake Risuke’s words

We also thank Donn. F. Draeger for his role in Katori Shinto ryu and are excited about the fact that Pascal Krieger will be visiting our dojo in January. After the past we focus on the present and discuss the goals of the dojo for the coming years, for the year and the days ahead:”Train more basics, work on quality not quantity both in our own training but also regarding new students. No focus on acquiring new students, instead a focus on strengthening those who are with us now.”

Katori bojutsu training on the First Training Day of 2016 5

Mission accomplished

Happy new year to all of you!